Law Firm of the Year: Iberia



This year’s Iberian firm of the year has stood out as the best of class in both international expansion and internal transformation. Garrigues was the first of the Spanish firms to refocus its strategy on Latin America, opting for organic growth rather than law firm bolt-ons for its expansion across the territory. The firm’s latest results reflect the strategy’s delivery on investment – almost half of the firm’s €41.3m international revenue generated outside of Spain was attributed to Latin America €18.6m) where the firm has seen revenues soar by 81.4 per cent in 2017. Around 15.5 per cent of the firm’s clients are from outside of Spain and Portugal, up by 6.4 per cent during the period. In Latin America, the increase is even more pronounced – 23.1 per cent. The firm has become truly international.

Outside of growing its physical footprint and its financial figures, the firm has focused on its diversity and tech initiatives. The firm’s objective is to grow the number of female partners, admitting it “still has a long way to go” after growing the partnership ratio to 14.8 per cent from 13 per cent in 2016. Part of the forward-thinking solution for the firm was the implementation of an “optimum plan” which allows for a reduction in working hours for a period of one year following the end of maternity or paternity leave with no reduction in pay. But that’s not all.  he firm has also invested in tech initiatives, with a  focus on ‘think-tanks’ and transformational projects that involve the entire firm. Garrigues has implemented a strategy based on big data and the creation of new applications, which includes a robotisation system called Proces@ which allows documentation to be managed more quickly and reliably. This is the first system of its kind to be implemented by a law firm in Spain.





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