Law Firm of the Year: The Baltics


Ellex Circle was born in 2015 following the merger of three firms from each of the Baltic states. Since then the firm has continued to expand, with mergers in Latvia and Estonia as well as organic growth in its home offices underpinning its work on cross-border projects for an overseas client portfolio; half of the firm’s clients are based outside the Baltics. A particular priority over 2017 was diversity and talent management, investing in technology and processes for both internal and external use and cross-selling between offices. Initiatives on cross-selling reaped considerable success, with attributed revenue up substantially. The judges praised a ‘strong submission demonstrating strong grasp of identity and vision, good evidence on talent management and training and some evidence of AI/technology initiatives.’ Internationally, the judges noted the firm’s ‘impressive’ client and deal lists and its ‘ambitious international strategic plan’.





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